Yellow-Eyed Penguin Home

It was formed in 1987

After research indicated a dramatic decline in the penguin population on mainland New Zealand.

The aim was to rebuild the population to self-sustaining levels.

Our Work

People – Passion

Habitat restoration / Predator control

Research projects / Threats

Nursery / Education


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Public Viewing Hides

It has protected their habitats along the Otago and Southland coastlines by establishing penguin reserves.

Producing native plants in its nursery, providing fencing to protect nests from wandering stock, replanting breeding areas with tens of thousands of native trees and shrubs.

You can buy ticket come and see them !

$50/Per Gest For a full day view

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Predator Control

Free of these threats

These dangers seem impossible to overcome, but many are manageable if resources are available.

The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust assists the penguins by alleviating the pressures we humans have imposed on them.

Once free of these threats, yellow-eyed penguins are capable of doing the rest.This is a rewarding partnership, which succeeds if we do our bit.

Marine Reserve